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Our national reputation for innovative and excellent legal work is well known.   Equally important is our knowledge that legal work is not performed in a vacuum.   We understand the urgency of obtaining visas for needed personnel without delay, and all of our service standards are set to meet this goal.   Our firm culture is infused with the sense that "time is of the essence" in all our casework.

We expect and welcome questions from our clients throughout the immigration process. We want to ease the stress of both the foreign employee and of corporate personnel by providing accurate and timely information about what to expect and of the status of the specific case.

We understand that the key to good morale and high productivity is keeping your employees and managers well-informed and confident that they are in good hands.   We promptly notify you of each case milestone and respond promptly and efficiently to the questions of our clients, usually on a same-day basis.

Alerts & Notices Our firm sends an e-mail newsletter that includes alerts and notices regarding issues that may demand your attention.


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